“I enjoy working with the clients at Renew Recovery. It is a pleasure to watch them make progress.”

Maxine K.

Working for Renew Recovery gives me a sense that I’m doing good in the world. When a patient tells me they appreciate my kindness or that I made their day a little better, I feel better about myself.

Rachel F.

Working at Renew Recovery has given me a chance to watch people grow and develop in their recovery and use their counseling here to learn how to handle the everyday stresses of life and learn how to maintain long­-term sobriety.

Patrick Y.

Working at Renew Recovery is very rewarding. Not only do you get the opportunity to help make a difference in other peoples lives, they also make a difference in yours. Our patients end up becoming our family. We strive to help them in all aspects of their lives, not just recovery. We understand that addiction comes from all walks of life and that our patients need to be able to seek recovery and continue working and caring for their families. With our comprehensive outpatient program, patients can do just that.

Amber M.

Helping people and seeing a change in them is very rewarding. We treat people with care and compassion which can make a big impact on their lives.

Karen E.

For each person that is willing to share their story with me, I feel blessed to be the person they trust enough to share with. Recovery is not an easy or short path so for those who are willing to walk that long and winding road, it’s important to me that they know our staff will be there, not to catch them when they fall, but to support and help them back on their feet and to celebrate with them each victory along the way! I love my job because I know our program works! It helps people change their lives and it doesn’t get any better than that.

Bridgett E.

I work in addiction treatment because it presents an opportunity for clients to focus on personal growth in a way that all humans actually should, but typically don’t. It forces them to slow down and pay attention to all aspects all of their lives that are out of balance, not just the substance misuse. If someone is willing to commit to change, Medically Assisted Treatment gives them breathing room to do that without the constant threat of relapse. This program provides clients with the physical and emotional stability to get their lives back in order, while addressing the underlying causes of the addiction in counseling.

Megan B.

I enjoy being a part of the Renew Recovery team because we as a team make a difference. I take pride in knowing what I do at work today will help to make a difference in someone’s life tomorrow. We have the best doctors, counselors, and administrative staff anyone could ask for. It gives me great gratification to watch our patients grow and ultimately get back to their normal lives without being judged. We WILL walk hand and hand with every patient until they are back enjoying life again.

Jessica H.

In my time at Renew Recovery, I have found that our patients make my day and job so enjoyable, that it does not feel like it is a job. I get to talk with different individuals and on a daily basis. I feel like, sometimes I learn more from them than they ever will from me. My Renew co-workers have become an extended family, to my existing family, so that part of my job, does not feel like a job either. I am blessed beyond measure to be an employee of Renew Recovery!

Jenetta H.

My 6 months at Renew recovery have been the best place that I have worked in my career because I love when I see the people come in for help it make me happy that we are helping them better their lives and loves seeing how their lives have changed every day since they have started coming to renew recovery.

Jessica P.

Helping someone recognize that change is possible and that I can help them achieve it makes me enjoy working at Renew Recovery. It is rewarding to hear how well clients are doing in their everyday lives since seeking treatment and to know that I helped them.

Hayley N.

I enjoy working at Renew Recovery because of the openness and determination to grow in the appropriate way. Everyone wants to do the right thing for the patients and continue to provide the best care possible. In my short time at Renew Recovery, I see the staff wanting patients to be the best they can be individually, and learn to appropriately cope with their addiction. I dig that.

Jillian P.