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Renew Recovery has been a life saver for me.

Getting counseling and other treatment here has helped in more ways than I ever thought possible. I was in a bad place in life when I started here last year. I was in a toxic relationship with a girl that I thought was my whole world. We fought on daily basis and she was using me to help her get high. That was feeding my addiction.

I started counseling and quickly realized that I wasn’t going to be able to just skate through without putting in some sort of effort. I was a couple of weeks in when something snapped inside me and I knew that I had to make some serious changes to be successful. I dumped the toxic girl and started working on myself with my counselor. We talked about so many things that had led me to where I was and how to get past those.

I am now in a relationship with a wonderful woman. She loves me and my daughter and wants to see me be successful in my recovery. The wonderful thing is, she can be included in my treatment. My counselor lets her come to sessions when I feel comfortable or feel that it is needed. I have never been to treatment where I can include my support people. It is a wonderful feeling to know that there are actually people that care and want what is best for recovering addicts, and Renew Recovery is full of these people.

I have been receiving counseling at Renew Recovery since January 2015.

This is not the first treatment program that I have been in, but I have to say that it is the best.

I was in treatment at another facility that provided medication assisted treatment prior to coming to Renew Recovery. I saw a physician once a month and was not really followed any other time through that month because my insurance didn’t require it. I was told to go to NA/ AA for support in my recovery. I was basically just a number with a money order to that facility.

When I switched to Renew Recovery, everything was different. I was offered counseling at their office, by a counselor. I didn’t have to depend strictly on peer groups to deal with one of the hardest things I have ever faced in my life. I have been able to become educated on addiction and what leads me to use. I am in the process of developing a relapse prevention plan that shows me the steps that I need to take when I feel like getting high. I am able to talk about the things that are bothering me in life week to week and when something really great happens, I have people that care about those successes. It is nice to know that I’m going somewhere that thinks of me as just more than a number.

Renew Recovery has changed my life.

I had started using drugs to fit in when I was in high school and it quickly became an addiction for me. My life was on a destructive path. I was headed for jail or death. I had a friend that overdosed and that led me to seek treatment.

I had never been in treatment and didn’t really know what to expect when I started at Renew Recovery. I was surprised when they told me that I would be receiving weekly counseling. I never realized how important counseling was to recovery until I started here. I was educated on how addiction works and how I most likely ended up where I am. I was taught how to develop my own relapse prevention plan that I could turn to when I felt like I needed to use. I was taught a new way of thinking and a new way to deal with stressful situations.

With everything that I have learned I have been able to maintain a healthy relationship with my girlfriend. I have new friends that I hang out with that don’t use. Most importantly, I have been able to make an improvement in my career. I now have a stable job making good money, I cannot thank the staff at Renew Recovery enough for all that they do for their patients.

I have been receiving treatment at Renew Recovery since October 2014.

Since I have been going there, my life has improved significantly. At the lowest point of my addiction my life was miserable. I was spending money faster than I could make it. I was missing work when I couldn’t find what I needed. My wife had threatened to leave me more than once if I didn’t get help.

I went to Renew Recovery to receive medication assisted treatment and found more than I ever thought I would. They were offering an outpatient counseling program that worked with my schedule and didn’t keep me away from my family like an inpatient rehab facility would.

In the past year things have changed for the better. My relationship with my wife is exponentially better. We have a son that was born in February and I spend all of my free time with him and my wife. I have been able to buy things that I wouldn’t have in the past. I most recently bought a houseboat to enjoy with my family. I have become a better employee as well, and I am able to help those that are in the same situation I was a year ago. If it wasn’t for the people and the program at Renew Recovery I’m not sure where I would be right now. I am forever grateful that I was given the opportunity to turn my life around, and that I get to see daily how this program turns the lives of so many other people around as well.

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