Intensive Outpatient Heroin Treatment Programs

An Outpatient Program Can Help Those Seeking Heroin Addiction Treatment

An addiction to heroin is incredibly dangerous and difficult to overcome. This fact leads many people to believe that only inpatient programs are adequate for recovery. In fact, there are many different effective methods of heroin addiction treatment and an outpatient program can absolutely be part of recovery. At Renew Recovery, intensive outpatient heroin addiction…

Man desperately wants to stop drinking but can't

How To Stop Drinking

Living a life dependent on alcohol can leave a person feeling extremely hopeless. No matter who the person is, this type of situation can make a person feel utterly defeated. Many people struggling with alcoholism have accomplished many things in their life. However, they’re completely baffled when it comes to alcohol because they can’t figure…

Woman pondering relapse

What Does Relapse Mean?

Relapse is a relatively simple, yet often misunderstood term in addiction recovery. Many people question, “What does relapse mean,” and how they can avoid falling into the trap of triggers and temptations often associated with relapse. What Does Relapse Mean? Relapse, when referring to alcohol or drug addiction recovery, is a recurrence of active substance…

Son discusses alcoholism with father

Adult Children of Alcoholics Struggle, Too

Adult children of alcoholics may look like resilient survivors of difficult childhood circumstances. Few people outside of families with alcoholic parents realize that adult children of alcoholics often struggle with alcoholism and other forms of addiction, too. As researchers now know, addiction is a disease with genetic predisposition, making these adults particularly vulnerable through both…