Your Recovery Begins With Our Effective Alternative to a Methadone Clinic in Louisville

Renew Recovery is a highly effective alternative to a Louisville methadone clinic. Let us help you beat addiction once and for all. You will find success when you go through our program that includes counseling and medication-assisted treatment. See how our program is different.

  • We help you do the hard work with individual and group counseling opportunities.
  • You’ll have access to a psychiatrist who can diagnose and treat mental illness.
  • You will be cared for. We value you as a person and want to see your success.
  • Our door never closes. Even after you complete our program, we’ll be here for you.
  • Your insurance is likely accepted. We accept all major insurance providers including Anthem Medicaid, Cigna, Medicare, and more.

Beat Your Addiction With a Proven Method

Methadone is a form of medication-assisted therapy. It was created as a battlefield drug because it blocks pain receptors in your brain, but doctors discovered it was also highly effective when treating opioid dependency. However, methadone is not a complete solution. It will help with the effects of withdrawal, but methadone alone cannot help you beat addiction.

Suboxone was approved by the FDA in 2002 specifically for the purpose of medication-assisted therapy. In other words, Suboxone is made to help. It eases withdrawal symptoms, but it is difficult to abuse because of the chemical makeup of the medication. Pair Suboxone with individual and group counseling, and discover our proven method to recovery.

Recovery Begins When You Make the Call

At Renew Recovery in Louisville, we believe that every person is capable of achieving recovery, but not every path is the same. We want to talk with you and create an individualized plan to help you live your best life. You can overcome the addiction that you hate. Your journey will be your own, and it begins with a phone call.

Call us today at 502-208-2944, and we can see you in the next 24 hours. A methadone clinic in Louisville is not the solution you’ve been looking for. Renew Recovery is.

Overcome Your Struggle with Addiction Today

Our physicians, licensed therapist, counselors, and staff are here to provide you with the tools necessary to discover long term sobriety.