Claim Your Recovery at Our Painkiller Addiction Center in Georgetown, KY

Renew Recovery can help you defeat addiction and rebuild the life you want to be living. There is hope at our painkiller addiction center in Georgetown, KY. Clients experience a proven combination of medication-assisted treatment (MAT) and weekly counseling sessions. Both elements of treatment work together to curb the physical response to detoxing while you build strategies and skills to maintain long-term recovery. The team at Renew Recovery will help along the way by offering:

  • Dual Diagnosis – Our doctors can diagnose and treat mental health concerns alongside addiction.
  • Payment Through Insurance – We are in network with all major insurance companies like UnitedHealthcare, Anthem BCBS Commercial, and Aetna, and we accept Medicare.
  • Individualized Care From a Compassionate Team – Clients rave about the kindness they receive at our clinic. You’re more than a case number here.
  • A Long-Term Resource – Clients can always call us, even long after they have left the program, whenever they need help.

The life-changing treatment you have been looking for is at Renew Recovery. Call 502-383-4828 today to start rebuilding your life!

Rebuild Your Life With Expert, Proven Care

The counselors and doctors at Renew Recovery are experts who have walked the path to recovery with thousands of clients. We can teach you how to rebuild your life, and it begins with a phone call to Renew Recovery. Any other painkiller addiction clinic in Georgetown, KY is not the same. In most places, you are nothing more than a number who is barely known. It’s not like that here.

Highly personalized care allows us to offer better treatment. Counseling sessions are individualized and group-based. Counselors will explore different types of therapy including hypnotherapy and faith-based counseling to find what works best for you.

At the end of the day, your recovery matters to us because your life depends on it. Call 502-383-4828 right now and see a counselor within the next 24 hours. Let us help you rebuild your life at our painkiller addiction center in Georgetown, KY.

Overcome Your Struggle with Addiction Today

Our physicians, licensed therapist, counselors, and staff are here to provide you with the tools necessary to discover long term sobriety.