Drug Addiction Medications & Therapy in Georgetown, KY Help Make Recovery Possible

The disease of addiction places a strong grip on its victims. Repeated relapses can lead to hopelessness and a desire to give up trying for a better life. At Renew Recovery, we use certain medications, like Suboxone, that can make your recovery easier. Under close supervision by our physicians, drug addiction medications and therapy in Georgetown, KY can:

  • Work as an important part of outpatient therapy that allows you to continue living your daily life.
  • Reduce or eliminate opioid withdrawal symptoms and cravings to help prevent relapses.
  • Help you succeed at recovery so you can begin a new, brighter chapter in your life.
  • Make it easier to repair damaged relationships with your family and loved ones.
  • Give you hope that your best is yet to come.

Call us today at 502-383-4828 and we’ll walk with you through recovery. Our Georgetown medical clinic is located at 100 Eastside Dr., just off Paris Road.

We Pair Addiction Medication With Counseling to Help You Heal

For many clients, individual and group counseling will help them reach long-term recovery. Depending on your addiction and circumstances, however, you may also need the help of specialized substance abuse medications.

If so, we have several FDA-approved medications to aid during your recovery phases. These medications may include:


  • Suboxone Sublingual Film – Suboxone contains two medications: buprenorphine, which curbs withdrawal symptoms and opioid cravings, and naloxone, which quickly neutralizes the effects of opioids. When taken properly (under the tongue), the body doesn’t absorb naloxone. That means it won’t interact with other medications or cause symptoms. If the film is injected, however, naloxone will reverse the effects of any opioids, including buprenorphine. This can produce severe withdrawal symptoms.


  • Campral – Acamprosate, the main component in Campral, treats alcohol dependence. It helps restore the natural balance of neurotransmitters in the brain.


  • Vivitrol – Along with opioid addiction treatment, Vivitrol can treat alcoholism too. Its primary component, naltrexone, blocks the effects of opioids. It can also help reduce a client’s desire to take opioids and consume alcohol.


  • Subutex – This sublingual (under the tongue) tablet contains buprenorphine but not naloxone, so its potential for abuse is higher. For this reason, we primarily prescribe it only during the induction phase of treatment.


  • Zubsolv – This medication contains both buprenorphine and naloxone. It is taken under your tongue like Suboxone Film but comes in tablet form.

Drug addiction medications and therapy in Georgetown, KY can give you the added help you need to overcome addiction. Call us today at 502-383-4828 to find out more information and get started with your treatment. A new life is around the corner.

Overcome Your Struggle with Addiction Today

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