Receive Effective Alcohol Treatment in Georgetown, KY

The first step to sobriety is alcohol treatment in Georgetown, KY. At Renew Recovery, real change happens. Our proven treatment method will save your life from alcoholism. After all, alcohol abuse is a life-threatening condition, and it should be treated as such. Outpatient addiction treatment is a very effective way to beat addiction while maintaining your day-to-day life, including work, friends, and family. Renew Recovery makes this process easier by offering:

  • Easy Insurance Payment – We accept most plans including but not limited to Optum, Behavioral Health Systems (BHS), Humana Commercial, and more. We also accept Medicare.
  • Treatment For Mental Illness – Our doctors will diagnose and treat mental illness at the same time (and in the same clinic) that you are in treatment for addiction.
  • Client-Focused Atmosphere – You are a part of every decision we make. This is your recovery, after all. We’re here to help, but you are the one who will heal.

Give yourself the opportunity to heal with addiction treatment at Renew Recovery. You deserve a long, healthy, sober life. Call 502-383-4828 right now to begin.

Treat Alcohol Addiction Like the Disease That It Is

You cannot ignore addiction to alcohol. This is something that seeps into every corner of your life, and it must be addressed by effective treatment. You’ll find that at Renew Recovery. The key element to treatment is to recognize that alcohol addiction is a disease. It cannot be erased through isolation or half-hearted attempts to quit cold turkey.

Treat the disease of addiction by addressing the source: the mind. Effective counseling at our clinic includes both individual and group sessions each week. We use strategies like hypnotherapy and sessions that draw on your personal beliefs to help you heal from addiction and rebuild your life.

The incredible team of doctors and counselors at Renew Recovery will walk alongside you during your alcohol treatment in Georgetown, KY. We’ll be there to cheer for you at every success. Call 502-383-4828 right now to get started.

Overcome Your Struggle with Addiction Today

Our physicians, licensed therapist, counselors, and staff are here to provide you with the tools necessary to discover long term sobriety.