Be Free Again With Alcohol & Drug Therapy in Georgetown, KY

If you’re like most of our clients, you’ve been to other addiction treatment clinics – and probably seen mixed results. Renew Recovery is different. We focus on treating the whole client to heal your body, mind, and spirit. Comprehensive outpatient treatment in our medical clinic goes beyond just dispensing medication and quick check-ins that pass for counseling. Our alcohol and drug therapy in Georgetown, KY offers you:

  • Outpatient treatment so you can keep working and stay in touch with your family.
  • Convenient day and evening counseling appointments that fit around your schedule.
  • Individualized care that meets you where you are, including mental and behavioral health services if needed.
  • Effective addiction treatment that has earned the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval.

Our Georgetown clinic, located at 100 Eastside Dr., is ready to help you beat alcohol and drugs. Call us today at 502-383-4828 to begin your treatment.

Turn to Renew When Other Addiction Treatment Has Failed

Alcohol, opioids, cocaine, marijuana, meth, benzodiazepines, or another drug – no matter what your addiction is, we have solutions to help you recover. Our experienced physicians and therapists will develop a therapy plan just for your needs. Besides you and your family, no one else wants to see your success more than we do.

For many clients, a combination of medication and counseling gives the best results. For others, an abstinence-based track is the best path to recovery. There is no one-size-fits-all approach here. Our staff will create a plan for your healing, making adjustments along the way as your recovery progresses and your circumstances change.

Behavioral and mental health issues often go along with addiction. If you also need psychiatric care, our team can help through dual diagnosis treatment. Using medication, counseling, or both, we can treat and help you manage anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, bipolar disorder, and other mood disorders.

Contact us for more information on alcohol and drug therapy in Georgetown, KY. Call our staff today at 502-383-4828 to schedule an appointment. Start your journey toward total healing and a renewed life with outpatient treatment.

Overcome Your Struggle with Addiction Today

Our physicians, licensed therapist, counselors, and staff are here to provide you with the tools necessary to discover long term sobriety.