Proven Georgetown, KY Addiction Recovery Strategies Make Healing Possible

Addiction treatment often requires several approaches. Renew Recovery uses a range of Georgetown, KY addiction recovery strategies to help our clients overcome addiction and put an end to its downward spiral. Benefits of our outpatient treatment include:

  • Research-based therapies proven to help clients overcome addiction.
  • A team of highly trained and caring physicians and counselors to help you achieve recovery success.
  • Nationally recognized program that was awarded the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval.
  • Customized care using a combination of counseling, medication, and psychiatric treatment that’s right for you.

We accept insurance for all of our addiction recovery services, so don’t put off getting the help you need. Call our clinic today at 502-383-4828 to begin treatment. We are located at 100 Eastside Dr., not far off US 460 (Paris Pike).

Our Recovery Treatment Strategies Offer Real Hope

Although addiction can be a challenging disease to treat, recovery is possible. Your first visit with us will involve a thorough assessment of your situation. From there, we can develop a comprehensive strategy for your recovery. Your outpatient treatment may also include psychiatric care, as addiction and mental health issues often go together.

Weekly one-on-one counseling with your therapist will help you understand the motivations, triggers, and cravings that can derail your treatment. These sessions will help build trust and honesty between you. They’ll also teach you valuable tools to help you manage daily life without relapsing. For added support, you’re welcome to bring a friend or family member to your individual therapy sessions.

Group counseling will give you a support network of people who can help you through the recovery process. Each weekly session will involve structured time for talking, listening, and social interaction. Group therapy will provide you regular encouragement and help you realize you are not alone in your recovery.

Research has proved that the proper medication can help our clients better manage opioid withdrawal and reduce cravings. We have several specialty medicines that your physician may prescribe during your treatment. These include Suboxone, Zubsolv, Vivitrol, and others. Many clients are able to taper off their medication after three to six months of treatment, but some clients take longer. We’ll continue working closely with you no matter how long your time frame is.

Experience a new life of freedom using effective Georgetown, KY addiction recovery strategies. Make your first move by calling our clinic today at 502-383-4828 for an appointment.

Overcome Your Struggle with Addiction Today

Our physicians, licensed therapist, counselors, and staff are here to provide you with the tools necessary to discover long term sobriety.