We practice three phases that help to ensure drug addiction recovery

Recovery can feel overwhelming and it helps to know what to expect. Below we list our treatment phases.

Phase One: Patient Induction
Initial patient meeting & the first 2 – 3 days of treatment

Treatment begins with Induction. Induction is generally considered the first two to three days of your treatment. You will need to come to your first appointment in a moderate state of withdrawal. Being in this state is an absolute requirement to having successful induction on Suboxone®.

Phase Two: Maintenance
Stabilization & maintainance of your treatment

During the Maintenance phase, while stabilizing and then maintaining your treatment, we will see you regularly to monitor your progress, adjust your dose of medication if necessary, and address any issues that may affect treatment. In this step, we also help you begin ongoing counseling and support to learn how to minimize the risk of relapse by managing cravings and triggers.

Phase Three: Medical Tapering
Rebuilding a patient’s drug free lifestyle

Length of treatment is different for every patient. The ultimate goal is to rebuild your life drug free. How we get there depends on you. Many patients are able to progress through the maintenance and taper phase in three to six months. Some require longer. Ultimately that decision is yours. Regardless of your circumstances we will be with you every step of the way.