Addiction is a powerful mental illness that doesn’t affect everyone. Only about one in every 12 people have a problem when it comes to drugs or alcohol. It may seem like recovery from a life of substance abuse is impossible, but it’s not. By entering an accredited drug and alcohol treatment facility such as Renew Recovery, you can learn a new way of life that doesn’t include being a slave to an addiction.

It’s not uncommon for people to feel demoralized and regretful of what they’ve done in their addiction, but through drug and alcohol treatment and recovery, you’ll find that you’re able to repair the damage you’ve done in order to live a spectacular life.

Substance Abuse and Detox

The body has a natural need to try to maintain balance, and this is referred to as homeostasis. As you begin to live a life of substance abuse, this balance is thrown off. Your body and mind need substances in order to survive due to your drug and alcohol addiction. When the substances are absent, it can make you feel very anxious, and you may experience a wide range of other symptoms depending on what types of substance you were using.

A reputable treatment center will help you with the detox process. This is extremely important because those who try to detox on their own put themselves at risk of heart failure and seizures. Through medical detox, you’ll be closely monitored by those who understand how to treat a drug or alcohol addiction. Your symptoms won’t go away immediately, but they will begin to disappear the longer you stay sober.

Treatment and Recovery for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Once your body has been detoxified, you’ll go through an evaluation to see how substance abuse has affected your mind. Some people who begin a life of recovery discover that they had an underlying mental illness, which may have been the source of their substance abuse all along. It’s important for a drug and alcohol addiction treatment facility to help you with your dual diagnosis because it’s difficult to live a life of recovery when your mind is constantly going to a bad place.

Drug and alcohol addiction is one of the leading causes of preventable death in the world today, but you have the opportunity to avoid it through the proper rehabilitation center. You’ll begin to be amazed at the psychological transformation that you go through once your mind has cleared.

You’ll start to handle situations which used to trigger your drug and alcohol addiction in brand new ways. Millions of people just like you have been given a second chance that they never thought was possible by completing the rehabilitation process.

Don’t let drug and alcohol addiction drag you down any longer. Call Renew Recovery today and we’ll get you started on a life free from addiction. The help you need is closer than you think.

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