More Than a Lortab Abuse Clinic in Crestview Hills – We Offer Long-Term Rehabilitation

Renew Recovery is more than a Lortab abuse clinic in Crestview Hills – we are the key to beating addiction and rebuilding your life. You can trust our proven system because it has helped thousands of people reclaim healthy, productive lives. Treatment is outpatient and  includes medication-assisted treatment (MAT) and weekly counseling sessions. Clients can also expect:

  • A client-focused approach where you create your own goals, help determine treatment plans, and create a successful recovery.
  • Insurance to help pay for treatment. We accept plans from Anthem BCBS Commercial, Humana Commercial, Aetna, Medicare, and many more providers.
  • Our doctors to diagnose and provide treatment if you have mental illness.
  • An open communication even after you leave our program. We will be here when you need us.

Get the help you need right now. The first step may be the most difficult to take, but Renew Recovery makes rebuilding your life a reality. Call 859-320-1369 to learn more.

Save Your Life Before It’s Too Late

The ugly truth about addiction is that there is no happy ending as long as you are using. In order to live a good life, healing must happen. There is no moral switch that needs to be flipped but rather a disease that needs to be treated completely. Call our Lortab abuse clinic in northern Kentucky and get that healing. Your life depends on it.

Renew Recovery is different from other treatment programs you may have tried because you are not a case number here. You will get to know us, and we will get to know you, and your treatment plan will cater to your needs and wishes. Things like faith-based therapy, hypnotherapy, and other alternative methods during your weekly individual counseling sessions can make all the difference. You’ll also participate in group counseling each week to help you build support and community.

Healing happens at Renew Recovery. Your desire to be clean and stay clean is absolutely possible. It all begins with one phone call to 859-320-1369. You’ll notice the difference at Renew Recovery, a Lortab abuse clinic in Crestview Hills, right away.

Overcome Your Struggle with Addiction Today

Our physicians, licensed therapist, counselors, and staff are here to provide you with the tools necessary to discover long term sobriety.