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Each staff member, physician, and counselor at Renew Recovery is dedicated to helping our clients reconnect with their purpose and rebuild wonderful new lives free of addiction.

To do that, we offer accredited outpatient addiction and mental health care in four professional outpatient treatment centers located across the Bluegrass state. At each location, clients can expect to receive treatment customized to their individual needs and situation.

Another way we hope to help our clients and the community at large is through this blog. These posts will contain information and tips that will help you better understand the disease of addiction and its treatment.

If you, a family member, or someone you know struggles with addiction, call one of our locations today to get help. A new life of freedom is possible for anyone who truly wants healing.

Clients Enjoy Comprehensive Treatment From Our Caring Team

For our initial blog post, we would like welcome you to Renew Recovery and highlight a few of the things our clients enjoy most about our outpatient addiction treatment.

Clients tell us over and over that we are different from other facilities they have been to. Rather than looking at them as a number in a case file, they are treated with dignity and respect here.

Our clients notice the little things. That’s why we work hard to create an environment where each person feels welcomed and understood, not judged for their past. And it pays off when we see a client with a relaxed, genuine smile for the first time.

We’re always available if a client wants to be free from addiction. Recovery can be difficult, and no two people take the same path to freedom. We understand that setbacks occur. Despite commitment and hard work, life happens and clients sometimes relapse. But they are always welcome back here for treatment and support. Period.

Our outpatient treatment fits into our clients’ lives. They appreciate the chance to become addiction-free without putting their other responsibilities on hold. Clients enjoy flexible appointment times throughout the day – mornings, afternoons, and evenings. They can continue living at home with their family, working, and going to school – without the unnecessary time commitment of hospitalized care.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our premier blog post. If you or a loved one needs to break free from addiction, call one of our locations today. A better life is possible – we can help.

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