Together, We Can Help Defeat Substance Abuse

Opioid addiction is an epidemic in the United States. It’s something that we have certainly seen in Kentucky.

That’s why a new report in the Journal of the American Medical Association is worth discussing. An estimated 50 million Americans are living with chronic pain. Many of them have been prescribed opioids as a way to cope with that pain … yet research suggests that opioids only have a marginally better effect than a placebo for managing that pain in the long-term. The research indicates that over time the benefits of using opioids decreases, which can explain why it takes more and more to feel relief. This, unfortunately, also feeds into the addictive nature of these medications.

On the positive, your loved ones can overcome their addiction, and our team at Renew Recovery can help. Keep reading to learn more about our approach, or call 866-840-4719 to reach our outpatient rehab in Georgetown, KY.

Respect For Everyone Is Important

You want your loved ones to be healthy and happy. You want the people you care about to be able to live full, productive lives, too.

Our focus is on a comprehensive approach to patient care. That includes our dual diagnosis treatment plan. We recognize that mental health issues and substance abuse can be interconnected. It’s why we work hard to address both of those concerns.

Treatment that helps people manage and overcome their addiction, continue working, and maintain supportive relationships is a great way to do that. Through our outpatient treatment, patients learn to live in the real world without using substances to manage stress. This also gives us and you an opportunity to celebrate your loved one’s successes at work or at school as they recover.

And throughout the process, you will find that our team provides empathy, kindness, and respect for everyone who comes through our doors. In other words, we treat your loved ones how you would want them to be treated.

Working As A Team

Support is an essential component of recovery. That can mean a number of different things.

At Renew Recovery, we have a team of professionals who work closely with our patients in a variety of ways. This includes physicians, therapists, and support staff who work cooperatively to help people reclaim their lives from substance abuse.

While our treatment program follows some important principles, each plan is personalized for the individuals who seek our help. For example, our medication-assisted treatment can reduce the effects of withdrawal. Many people can complete this process in a matter of 6 months or less. Other patients need more time, and that’s OK, too. Our focus is on long-term recovery, not how quickly something gets done.

Our patients get the benefit of individual and group counseling as well. This helps them learn tools to cope with what they are going through. It also allows them to see they are not alone even if they are on individual journeys.

Share Your Love for Your Loved Ones

Our outpatient rehab in Georgetown, KY has helped many people overcome their substance addiction. You can show your support for your loved one by encouraging them to get help from experienced professionals who understand their needs during this time in their lives.

That can free you to do what you can — by sharing your love and support for them. Call 866-840-4719 today or contact us online to learn more about us and how we can help people close to you become the best versions of themselves.

Overcome Your Struggle with Addiction Today

Our physicians, licensed therapist, counselors, and staff are here to provide you with the tools necessary to discover long term sobriety.