Substance Abuse & Mental Health Affect One Another (video)

Dual diagnosis is an important part of our program at Renew Recovery. As Pamela explains in the video below, depression was a factor in her substance abuse. Today, she is feeling better and living free from addiction. She’ll also tell you that she benefited from the relationships she formed with the team at her patient treatment center. We have four locations in Kentucky. To get help, ...

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Outpatient Drug Rehab – Get Help Now

When you are ready to make a change in your life, it’s OK to ask for help. In fact, it’s often essential to have supportive people around you to encourage healthy changes. That’s what we do at our outpatient rehab in Georgetown, KY. At Renew Recovery, you will have the benefit of our professional assistance combined with the opportunity to get support from family, friends, and co-workers ...

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Take Advantage of the Right Treatment for You (video)

Pamela was like a lot of people with substance abuse issues. She wondered if taking medication would actually help her overcome her addiction. By talking to her doctor at Renew Recovery, she came to understand how her medication could help address her mental health, which would be beneficial in her overall treatment plan. At our Kentucky treatment centers, we provide a comprehensive ...

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Heal Yourself with Outpatient Rehab in Louisville KY

Rehabilitation isn’t just about overcoming past addictions. It’s also about learning to function in the world without falling back into old habits and routines. That’s why outpatient rehab in Louisville, KY is an important aspect of our treatment program at Renew Recovery. We don’t just want you to get better. We want you to feel comfortable being yourself in the workplace and around ...

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When You Feel Better, You Can Do More (video)

We are so proud of our many successful patients at our addiction treatment centers in Kentucky. Michael is a great example of what’s possible with our program at Renew Recovery. You may be able to relate to what he describes in the video below about his own experience. We also think you can find hope in seeing how today he is making a positive contribution to his community. Being healthy and ...

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London Heroin Treatment Center – Heroin Addiction Treatment

You can get healthy. You can stay healthy. And your first step in that direction is contacting Renew Recovery. We provide heroin addiction treatment in London, KY, and we would be happy to help you heal. We have helped many people get back to feeling like themselves. We are confident that you too can restore your relationships, finish school, and keep working. We believe in ...

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You Can Defeat Substance Addiction (video)

Pamela will tell you that she could not hold down a job for years because of a substance abuse issue. Today, she is working. She feels good about herself, and as you will hear in the video, she no longer has cravings. With the help of our team at Renew Recovery, Pamela has her life back and, just as important, she sees herself as a good person. If you or someone you care about could benefit ...

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Total Care for Substance Addiction Treatment

Someone you care about may have a problem with substance addiction. You want to help, and you know they want help as well. It may be time to talk to someone at Renew Recovery about our dual diagnosis approach to treatment. Many times addiction and mental illness are interrelated. Addressing both issues can make successful recovery much more likely. We have four outpatient recovery centers ...

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Overcome Drug Addiction By Getting Help From People Who Care (video)

Michael has been where you are. He understands what it’s like to feel consumed by a drug. More importantly, he’s also proof that you can overcome drug addiction. In the video below, Michael describes his own experience with heroin. With help from our team at Renew Recovery, Michael defeated his addiction. He’s also one of the countless success stories we have celebrated at our ...

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Painkiller Addiction Treatment Is Possible For You

When you started taking painkillers, it was for a serious problem. At first, the medicine helped. As time went on, you found that it was harder to get through the day without them.… Today, you recognize that you have developed an addiction. You don’t want to feel dependent on them any longer. You want to feel in control of your life again. The good news is that you can. Many people ...

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