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You are out of bed and getting ready for work. You make a quick breakfast before you head out the door. You’re looking forward to seeing your friends and co-workers (and maybe that cute delivery driver who sometimes stops by).

Sure, work isn’t always fun, but overall, you feel happy. You feel healthy, too.

Maybe most importantly, you feel like yourself, and that’s a great feeling.

Going to Renew Recovery was just what you needed to start your life over again. You no longer turn to a substance when times are tough. Instead, you know you have people who will support you until things get better. You’ve also learned some new skills for coping with those tough times on your own. Signing up for outpatient rehab in London, KY was one of the best decisions you’ve made in a long time.

At least, it could be. To get started on your own road to recovery, begin by calling 866-840-4719 to learn more about our programs.

Become Your Best Self

The first step in getting better is acknowledging that you want to make a change. You know that it won’t be easy, but we are confident that you can do it. We’ve worked hand-in-hand with many people who have overcome their addictions.

You can make your own path, and we’ll support you each step of the way. At Renew Recovery, you can expect some important things.

First and foremost, you will receive compassion, kindness, and respect from our team of professionals. We understand how difficult substance abuse can be, but we also want you to know that we are here to help.

Second, you will receive personalized care and treatment. We offer comprehensive care at our outpatient center. This includes medical assistance, individual therapy, and group therapy. However, your plan will be tailored to meet your needs so you have the best chance for long-term success. Our goal is helping you heal physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Last, but not least, we are here to stand beside you and support you. We won’t turn you away. We will still be here if you have down moments because we also want to celebrate your successes when they happen.

Get Complete Care For Yourself

At Renew Recovery, we use a dual diagnosis approach to treatment. Many times, drug addiction and mental health concerns are related to one another. Knowing this, we try to tackle your issues from all sides.

Our accredited addiction treatment plans have met the highest standards. It’s why we have received the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval. At the same time, you can benefit from psychiatric care. We’ve assisted people with ADHD, anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, and PTSD, among other issues.

We have the tools to help, and we want to share them with you.

Take The First Step Today

You want a better life for yourself. It’s possible, but you need to take the first step. That step is contacting our outpatient rehab in London, KY. Call Renew Recovery at 866-840-4719 or fill out our online form.

Let us show you how you can get better.

Overcome Your Struggle with Addiction Today

Our physicians, licensed therapist, counselors, and staff are here to provide you with the tools necessary to discover long term sobriety.