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You can get healthy. You can stay healthy.

And your first step in that direction is contacting Renew Recovery. We provide heroin addiction treatment in London, KY, and we would be happy to help you heal.

We have helped many people get back to feeling like themselves. We are confident that you too can restore your relationships, finish school, and keep working. We believe in you.

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Experience the Benefits of a Personalized Program

At Renew Recovery, we have designed a comprehensive program to help you tackle your situation from all sides. We work to do several things:

  • Give you hope
  • Assist you in managing everyday stresses
  • Help you hold a job, finish your education, and stay in contact with family and friends
  • Minimize the effects of withdrawal

Our program includes a combination of individual and group counseling, medication to assist you, and a team of supportive staff members.

The right medication can make withdrawal easier to manage and reduce cravings you may feel during your recovery. Our physicians are DEA-certified, and they will carefully review your individual situation. We will tailor your program to give you the most benefits.

We aren’t a cookie-cutter treatment center. Every patient is different, and knowing that, we want to find the right combination of services for you.

Know That You Have Support

Our compassionate and dedicated team of professionals have helped countless people along the path to recovery. We know stumbles are possibles on your journey, but we’ll be there to pick you up if they happen.

As part of your rehabilitation at our London heroin treatment center, you will participate in weekly group counseling sessions. This gives you a time to connect with other individuals who understand the struggles you are facing. Being able to talk with other people who understand what you are dealing with can be invaluable.

Our counselors will help you recognize the kinds of stresses in your life that could trigger relapses. More importantly, we’ll teach you tools and skills that will help you get through those moments.

The long-term goal is a life of sobriety and a higher quality of life for you.

Please know that mental health is an essential component of your recovery, too. If you are experiencing mental health disorders, we’ll take that into account when designing your personal recovery program.

Also, keep in mind that your recovery won’t happen overnight. If you are taking medication as part of your recovery plan, you may need it from three to six months (or possibly longer). We won’t rush you because we want you to succeed.

Start Working on the New You

No one wants to become an addict, but it doesn’t mean you are a bad person if you have. It does mean you need help, and you can get it at Renew Recovery.

To learn more about heroin addiction treatment in London, KY, contact us online or call 866-840-4719 today!

Overcome Your Struggle with Addiction Today

Our physicians, licensed therapist, counselors, and staff are here to provide you with the tools necessary to discover long term sobriety.