An important component of your addiction treatment plan

Medication is one part of treatment for drug addiction. Another important part of the Renew Recovery approach is drug addiction counseling – the opportunity to talk with a professional either one-on-one or in a group with others in treatment.

Through counseling, you learn about the motivations and behaviors that led to your drug addiction. You learn how to commit to a more healthful lifestyle. You gain support and skills while working with others to manage your recovery long term.

Our drug addiction counseling is intended to encourage and motivate you to stick to treatment. It can help you learn how to make healthy decisions, handle setbacks and stress and move forward with your life.

In group counseling, you connect with others in treatment and make new friends who don’t use drugs. You can also get these benefits from Renew Recovery support groups. These are informal meetings of people facing similar challengers.

How Drug Addiction Counseling Helps Patients in Recovery, Like You

When you are working to sustain healthy recovery from addiction, you need drug addiction counseling to equip you for the daily challenges that could lead to relapse. There will be many things in your everyday life that can make you want to use drugs again. Through counseling, you will learn how to keep these urges at bay.

Drug addiction counseling can help you prevent relapse in these circumstances:

  • As stress occurs, especially sudden issues of stress
  • When you experience triggers or environmental cues of past drug use
  • If you are exposed to drugs or find yourself around others who are using
  • At other times when you are challenged

Any of these factors can lead to relapse for even the strongest of patients in recovery. The key to sustaining recovery and avoiding relapse is to gain the education, awareness, tools, support and skills you need to overcome challenges as they occur. All of those are gained through addiction counseling. Your addiction treatment plan will include multiple types of counseling as part of an individualized approach to your recovery from drug abuse and addiction.

Family and friends are important too!

It is very hard to go through recovery alone. Support from family and friends is very important. Love and encouragement can help you make the decision to enter treatment and stick with it. At Renew Recovery we encourage you to bring a family member or friend to your individual counseling sessions.